Time is on my side

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The series of sculptural collages, “ACOUSTICS, NOISE AND BUILDINGS” are scenarios in sound mixing. The constructivist utopia of living together en masse. They are pulsating cubist hybrids of architectural cacophony. Imagine (amongst other things): conversations of people living there, chatting on their phones, the televisions, radios and computers running in lots of rooms, dogs barking, lifts going up and down, children playing, food cooking, vacuum cleaning, coffee grinding, machines washing, showers and toilets flushing, birds singing, hammering and drilling, the beat of pop songs – remember – walls have ears.

At the slow ticking of clocks, the passing of the day. Lost in a reverie. A pageant of thoughts stream in and out whilst walking. Encountering a folly, still and secretive. The creeping rustle of ivy over dry bricks and the breeze carrying the pitch of a distant nightingale through the million leaves. Within all this tick-tocking, a moment is made longer for at least a while, reminding us that right now time is on our side and it indeed can fly. Tempus fugit.

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